Sunday, July 12, 2009

The ones that got away

Engaging with the corporate media in order to obtain publicity for an issue is problematic. They won't treat your input objectively and if you aren't an establishment luvvie, will undoubtedly ridicule you and your issue. Worse, they may co-opt your campaign and deliberately undermine you.

We have previously mentioned that writing letters to Editors of News Ltd. publications or participating in their online forums and discussions is futile.

Nevertheless, we are sure that before you saw the light, some of you may have written one or two letters the editor that never got published.

If you've retained copies of these letters, and are interested in sharing your story, either put them on-line immediately or send them to us - and we will.

If we get enough - we might even put together a book.

Of particular interest are letters you may have written to the corporate press on the encouragement of community leaders and activists.

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