Sunday, September 27, 2009

Why D'Ya Do It?

The 'GetUp!' advertisement from last Friday's [25/9/09] edition of 'The Australian'

"When I stole a twig from our little nest
And gave it to a bird with nothing in her beak,
I had my balls and my brains put into a vice
And twisted around for a whole fucking week.
Why d 'ya do it, she said, why'd you let that trash
Get a hold of your cock, get stoned on my hash ? "

'Why D'Ya Do It?', Marianne Faithfull [1979]

'GetUp!' are running a campaign to save the internet from censorship.

We support this campaign, but do not understand why 'GetUp!' persist in using the donations of supporters to place their advertisements in 'The Australian'.

As we've said before, 'GetUp!' could focus on any other medium (such as billboards, independent publications - even APN or Fairfax press - at least they are Australian owned) and reach more Australians.

News Ltd. is a company that has done inestimable wilful damage to democracy, journalism, reconciliation and the environment in Australia and throughout the world.

The ever-intensifying nature of their beatups and moral panics illustrate the contempt they have for Australian citizens.

Do 'GetUp!' really want to be associated with this kind of trash?

The Murdoch press should be paying 'GetUp!' for lending them credibility they do not deserve, and you should consider carefully where your donation may end up.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Radio Rupert: ABC as Murdoch Enablers

ABC Coast FM's listeners this afternoon [25/9/09] endured an interview with Steve Waterson about an article by Ray Connelly about the Beatles that is appearing in this weekend's 'Weekend Australian' magazine.

This was basically a 10 minute advertisement for the 'Weekend Australian'.

OMG & WTF? "The Australian"?? These horrid war mongers, ie anyone who works for Murdoch's spruikers, are beneath scum in our view.

Obviously they see themselves differently. We see them as they truly are: Murdoch enablers.

They (Murdoch enablers) get very angry and defensive when we call them for their Murdoch allegiance.

Anyway, shouldn't the ABC stick to the ABC for comment and opinion and leave Murdoch's properties to talk politely amongst themselves? But of course, Murdoch's shills have no credibility and need to leech off your ABC for that. That seems to be the reason they are always (ABC TV, ABC Local Radio etc...) turning up their stinky ideological biases on your airwaves. As a genius once said: "In Australia, the Government is a fully owned subsidiary of News Limited"!!! (Or words to that effect).

Which ABC presenter would win the prize for having the most Murdoch properties on their show this month?

It would be a close competition.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Sue them!

AAP is reporting that Tania Zaetta has settled a lawsuit against the publisher of The Daily Telegraph over a report that the Defence Department was investigating claims she had sex with troops in Afghanistan.

Zaetta is quoted as being "very satisfied with the settlement".

It seems obvious that such a settlement would involve Murdoch writing her a very big cheque.


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Want to know what News Ltd. said?

Just tune in to your ABC:

"Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says he is not going to apologise for an incident in which he swore.

News Limited papers have reported Mr Rudd used several expletives during a tense conversation with some of his backbenchers.

The MPs were unhappy with the Federal Government's decision to cut the printing allowance for politicians.

Mr Rudd says he does not regret his choice of words.

"It's fair to say that consistent with the traditions of the Australian Labor Party, we're given to robust conversations," he said.

"I made my view absolutely clear - that is that these entitlements needed to be cut back, and I make no apology for either the content of my conversation or the robustness with which I expressed my views."

Foreign Affairs Minister Stephen Smith played down the issue when speaking to Channel Nine.

"There's as much chance of the Prime Minister swearing as you or I have sworn from time to time in the past," he said...."

This is tediously predictable from Milne.

From House of Representatives Hansard [14/9/09]:


Ms NEAL (Robertson) (4.12 pm)—Mr Speaker, I wish to make a personal explanation. I am rising because I have been grievously misrepresented—

The DEPUTY SPEAKER (Mr PD Secker)—Does the honourable member claim to have been misrepresented?

Ms NEAL—Yes.

The DEPUTY SPEAKER—Please proceed.

Ms NEAL—In an article dated 13 September, Glenn Milne, of the Sunday Telegraph, wrote and printed an article about me. The contents of that article are entirely untrue and false."

When is somebody going to stand up to these creeps?

Friday, September 18, 2009

Let He Without Honesty Or Ethics Cast The First Stone!

According to that putrid rag, 'The Australian', the Federal Attorney General has dumped on Lawyers and their fees (no link, it poisons your mind and computer). He must have said it in a press release or exclusive comment to Murdoch's operative because it can't be found in the speech the article refers to.

The speech is interesting anyway, at one point the AG says:

"The June 2009 Roy Morgan survey of the Most Ethical and Honest Professions placed lawyers 14th on a list of 30 professions, with a rather dismal 30 per cent level of public confidence. [ii]

Clearly, public opinion and experience is not helped in any way by the inherent inconsistencies in areas such as complaints-handling and discipline.

In February, at the request of the Commonwealth, the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) extended its commitment to regulatory reform across a wide range of Australian industries to include the legal profession."
Wow! 14th out of 30 is rather dismal when it comes to "ethical and honest", isn't it? Unfortunately the Attorney General failed to point out that "newspaper journalists" came in on that poll at 28th out of 30.

And he also didn't say that "public opinion pollsters" and "federal MPs" came in at 17th and 18th out of 30. Nurses and Teachers were up at the top, doesn't Murdoch demonise them all the time for wanting decent pay and conditions?

"Clearly, public opinion and experience is not helped in any way by the inherent inconsistencies in areas such as complaints-handling and discipline." Indeed! We really do need to hold these unethical and dishonest people to account, they should be subject to some kind of regulation.

Let the most dishonest and unethical cast judgment on those seen as more honest and ethical, that's a good idea.

Action: Have a bloody good laugh at these people, and maybe point it out to your friends.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

A rare moment indeed when an Australian politician criticises the Murdoch press!

Question time in The Senate [17/9/09]

"Senator HUTCHINS (2.07 pm)—Mr President, my question is to the Assistant Treasurer, Senator Sherry. Is the Assistant Treasurer aware that overnight the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development released the 2009 Employment outlook annual report? Can the Assistant Treasurer tell the Senate about this latest independent assessment of Australia’s economy? What does the OECD say about the role of the government’s stimulus package in Australia’s economic performance during this global recession, especially in comparison with other advanced economies? Does the OECD report indicate whether the government’s stimulus package has lifted employment and whether the number of jobless would now be higher without the stimulus strategy, and, if so, does it say how many jobs this swift and decisive government action has saved? Finally, does the OECD report forecast whether the government stimulus strategy will have—

(Time expired)

Senator SHERRY—Firstly, the OECD is a worldleading, independent and well-respected economic organisation. It states that job losses across the OECD would have been far higher if national governments had not implemented fiscal stimulus packages. The fiscal stimulus strategy and actions of governments around the world have in fact avoided a depression.

Senator Ian Macdonald interjecting—

Senator SHERRY—It is a lot more reliable, Senator Macdonald, than the Australian. This is what the report says: Vigorous government actions to stabilise financial markets and raise aggregate demand appear to have prevented the financial crisis from developing into a depression, but have not been adequate to prevent a severe recession in most OECD countries. ‘Vigorous government actions’? Let’s see: they would be the fiscal stimulus and the bank guarantee. These are the very things that the Liberal and National parties have continued to criticise, attack and oppose...."

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Don't talk to them

The Gold Coast monomedia reports that next month's "Secret Sessions" rave festival in the Numinbah Valley has been cancelled because:

"...A report to the Gold Coast City Council revealed the festival site was only a few hundred metres from the low-security Numinbah Correctional Centre and officials there had warned the event could create 'serious security concerns'...."

Murdoch hates anything that's independent, underground or that he can't get his claws into.

His properties always push his agenda.

The only good thing about this snarky story is the last sentence:

"...Festival organisers and the Numinbah Adventure Trails did not return requests for interviews from The Bulletin yesterday."
We've discussed this before.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I smell desperation

How does this amount of advertising pay for a 36 page broadsheet?

A stand full of free copies of 'The Australian' has appeared in the foyer of 239 George Street, Brisbane. I suspect these have bobbed up targetting office buildings all over the country.

Late last night, there were still plenty of copies left - so perhaps it's true that you can't even give away this rubbish!

Apart from their desperate television ads trying to get readers, they are also running on-line ads desperate to get advertisers.

Recent comments on 'Mumbrella', say it all:

# Smithee
8 Sep 09
11:56 pm

On a slightly related note….. Anyone notice the ad for The Australian now running on this site ? Anyone with any knowledge of the print industry wwould have to wonder about the text of the ad ? “When did you last advertise in The Australian?” That’s an odd and dangerous question to ask and does not logically lead to where the marketing team may hope.

Again, quite amusing is the line: “Share in the success of Australia’s fastest growing paper”.

Hee hee. Is this deliberate humour ? Surely that’s like saying: “Enjoy the thrilling rush of travelling on the world’s fastest-moving glacier.”
# AdGrunt
9 Sep 09
5:06 am

Surely the last time anyone advertised in The Australian was because the marketing mob had to announce a competition winner nationally?

No readers. No advertisers. No credibility - except with the majority of our politicians and the ABC.

Surely the free market is telling Murdoch that Australians have had enough of his crummy propaganda?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

This is beyond a joke. I want my ABC back

One of the reasons we moved to the Gold Coast was to get away from the Rupertcentricity of Brisbane's media landscape.

We know Australia is a Murdochcracy, and often contact ABC's Coast FM to let them know we aren't too pleased about Murdoch properties appearing on their shows, but FFS is there not one South East Queensland ABC voice who hasn't dallied with Bowen Hills?

Here's our latest email to ABC Coast FM:

Dear ABC Coast FM,

Yes it's me again with my regular comment for you ignore/laugh at in the tea room, or whatever you've been doing with my comments!

Why did Trevor Jackson have to have the 'Sunday Mail' entertainment writer Ritchie Yorke on his show this afternoon?

I understand Yorke says he was in John Lennon's "inner sanctum", and that may be why he was deemed to be a suitable interviewee because the Beatles' catalogue was re-released today. May I suggest that a marketing person from EMI would have done a more transparent job.

In any case, I do not believe that with all the resources and contacts the ABC has, there was no-one else Jackson could interview.

Surely Yorke will be able to publicise his forthcoming book about Lennon in the 'Sunday-Mail'?

Is it really the case that there is no other music writer/expert in South East Queensland Jackson could have interviewed?

As we've said before, doesn't Murdoch own enough of the means of discourse in this world already without getting his properties a run on the only place where we might hear other views?



ps It is old news (1996 - see wikipedia) that George Harrison revealed the song 'Something' was written when he was thinking about Ray Charles.

pps I certainly won't be buying any Murdoch influenced revisionism of John Lennon's life! Albert Goldman tried to do that, but Lennon will always be a cultural icon.

So this Murdoch paid agenda enabler, Ritchie Yorke, has no place on your ABC Coast FM. Unless perhaps viewed in light of this from the blurb on his own website:

"... Yorke linked up with the mass market weekend newspaper The Sunday Mail and began contributing to its entertainment pages on Queensland Day (June 6) 1987. Thousands of rock profiles and interviews later, he moved back to freelance writing after 20 years at the Mail. And left behind his descriptive phrase about local talent – Briz-bands.

He also became involved with ABC Radio both as a presenter and program producer. There was a syndicated documentary series, Classic Conversations with John Lennon, and an array of other docos on long term artists of significance such as Van Morrison, Pink Floyd, Little Feat, The Band, INXS, Daniel Lanois, Dire Straits, the Neville Brothers and many others.

He was also part of the opening broadcast of ABC’s Coast FM station in Mermaid Beach...."

Surely Trevor Jackson and the ABC Coast FM producers should have mentioned that incestuous link at some point before or during this fatuous promo piece?

Are you nuts? Disclosure? Nah, that's not the way in these days of your "Murdoch/ABC"! It's all about politely screwing your taxes into his pockets, you just love it. You must, otherwise you would try to do something about it.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

When was the last time anyone read the 'Australian'?

A cast of characters appear in Murdoch's latest advertisement being screened on SBS during the cricket. Peas in the 'Australian's' pod!

From David McKnight's chapter - 'Murdoch and the Culture War' - in 'Do Not Disturb: Is the Media Failing Australia?' (edited by Robert Manne, 2005):

"The 2004 move to change the legal domicile of News Corporation from Australia to Delaware, USA symbolises an ideological orientation within the Murdoch camp and the wider conservative elite of which it forms a part.

This intellectual orthodoxy is most obvious in the broadsheets such as the 'Australian' and the 'Courier-Mail' and is also present in a populist and more aggressive form in the mass-circulation tabloids such as the Sydney 'Daily Telegraph' and the Melbourne 'Herald Sun'. The senior editors of News Ltd. are quite conscious and open about their role in the crusade for conservative hegemony. To frame this crusade they have introduced the term 'culture war' from the lexicon of US conservatism. In an editorial celebrating the US invasion of Iraq an anonymous editorial writer at the 'Australian' discussed the conflict between radical Islam and the West and added:
"Of course, there is another war of values, and it is the culture war being fought within the West. This is the war between those who feel that on the whole our values and traditions are sound, and those among the intellectuals who argue that they are simply a cloak for racism and brute power."
In the intellectual universe of the right, legitimate criticism on a variety of social and cultural issues is treated as a full-scale attack on Western values. Those who applaud the invasion of another country, and its bloody consequences, are able to parade as moral standard-bearers defending Western values against the barbarian critics who oppose such invasions.

Today this intellectual universe and its aggressive 'war of values' sets an agenda for public debate. They can do this thanks to the monopolistic newspaper holdings of News Ltd. News owns the biggest selling daily (the Melbourne 'Herald Sun') and in Adelaide, Brisbane, Hobart and Darwin, it has a daily press monopoly; in terms of circulation it has almost 70 per cent of the capital city and national newspaper market."
Imagine a desperate drug-pusher. Nobody is buying his poisonous, addictive and deadly mind-altering wares anymore. He has enormous financial problems even though he still drives a big black car and has huge and intimidating thugs all around him. What will he do to make sure that he stays at the top of the heap?

He'll push more poison onto more suckers and he'll get as many street-pushers to help him as his diminishing influence can muster. He needs to use his last ounce of power and capital to make sure that he doesn't go down alone.

Well, he could pay all sorts of has-beens to appear in a formerly credible place to suggest users should perhaps get just a bit more of that stuff he's pushing. Sadly, it may just work.

"When was the last time you smoked crack?"

Why not give it another go? Seriously, you'd be helping a dealer and the overall economy and in the end that's also good for you!

If you give a rat's jacksie you can take any of the actions we have suggested in previous posts, or better still come up with your own and tell us what it is.

"When was the last time you did anything about Murdoch?"

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Why would you?

Paul Kelly is giving the National Press Club address on 8 September:
"The March of the Patriots"

Paul Kelly is Editor-at-Large of The Australian. He was previously Editor-in-Chief of The Australian (1991–1996). He is the author of The Unmaking of Gough (1976), later titled The Dismissal (1982), The Hawke Ascendancy (1984), The End of Certainty (1992), November 1975 (1995) and Paradise Divided (2000)..."

Why would you pay to be lectured by a man so obviously biased against enlightenment?

As a fully paid-up whore for the Murdoch/Neo-Liberal project, his irrelevence should disqualify him from participation in the general public discourse.

Not here in Murdoch-controlled Australia!

We think you'd be better off spending the money on subscribing to a community radio station or shouting a couple of struggling journalism students a counter lunch and your words of worldly wisdom.

But if you do go to this event, I dare you to work the following into a question to Mr Kelly (even though Bob Ellis is completely hopeless in so many ways, he does make a valid point or two now and then!):

"Time presses. Extinction approaches.
And Paddy McGuinness is dead.

How is one to explain yet another hairy, boozing, bulky Leftie who became a grumpy obese neofascist colonel Blimp who still called his Balmain acquaintances 'comrade' and still somehow meant it?...

And now he was dead, and twenty hours later still dead.

How many such stories are now approaching their end. Of honourable, able journalists of once good conscience like Ray Martin, Mike Willesee, Jim Whaley, Laurie Oakes and, amazingly, Paul Kelly serving the Dark Side for decades in return for sheaves of money. They start out believing they will do it for only a couple of years. Then they start out believing they will do it for only a couple of years. Then they say they are going, and their salary is doubled. Then they convince themselves the compromises they will henceforth make (like going easy on Howard and hard on Beazley) are not significant, and have no influence, really, on history and if the people are that influenceable, fuck them. Then they have expenses - a divorce, a villa in Tuscany, a brood of racehorses - that require a few more years. And then they turn sixty-five, and feel they should continue, for just a few more years. And soon that adds up to a life..."

('And So It Went: Night Thoughts In A Year Of Change', Bob Ellis)

Dear Coast FM - Again!

Seems like every week we email the ABC's Coast FM to have a whinge about Murdoch properties appearing on their shows. Unfortunately, we have to do it again. They'll ignore us, but that's OK. The point is, it has to be said:

Dear ABC Coast FM,

Why did Briony Petch have to have to have the 'Courier-Mail's' Noel Mengel on her show this evening?

If I cared what Noel Mengel had to say (which I don't), I would read the 'Courier-Mail'.

Is there no other music writer in South East Queensland you could interview about up and coming musicians?

Doesn't Murdoch own enough of the means of discourse in this world already without getting his properties a run on the only place where we might hear other views?