Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ask 'GetUp!' to stop advertising with News Ltd.

Dear GetUp!

I support your current campaign for government funded paid parental leave.

However, I find it unacceptable that you have chosen a Rupert Murdoch publication to place your advertisement.

If you focussed on any other medium (such as billboards, independent publications - even APN or Fairfax press - at least they are Australian owned), I would consider donating to the campaign.

As well as contributing to the commodification of womens bodies and personal relationships, along with their continual reinforcement of backward sexual stereotypes, News Limited is a company that has done inestimable wilful damage to democracy, journalism and the environment in Australia and throughout the world.

If you absolutely insisted that you need to run your advertisement in the Murdoch press, they should pay you for lending them credibility they do not deserve.


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