Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ridicule As Remedy

One of Murdoch's most effective weapons in his quest to control all of your media is his effort to cut off the old 'rivers of gold' which fed the original newspapers: the 'Classifieds' pages. He wants to kill the Classifieds as a source of revenue for any competitor. To do this he introduces the "Free for less than $500" advertisements into his papers in your local community and everyone else is supposed to race him to the bottom. At which point he has trashed the medium and he wins.

The great thing about his "Free" ads is that you can use them to take the piss out of his hopeless journalistic standards for "Free"! For example, someone placed this ad in his monopoly paper in the capital of Queensland (Brisbane's 'Courier-Mail'):

Bowen Hills is Murdoch's Brisbane nest, and that number is his editor's line.
They will never understand what they have done to journalism or the community, but they do get very pissed-off when they are ridiculed and their peers join in the laughter.

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