Monday, January 25, 2010

Hey Mum!

Hey Mum! Did you know that as Australia becomes more like America, we don't get cyclones anymore? Now we get tornados, which have nothing to do with climate change. I read all about it in Andrew Bolt's science column Mum!

Give our young Australians the opportunity to develop their critical faculties.

Boycott Murdoch products for a better world!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

2010 is an election year - Part 2

Last night [24/1/10], the ABC ran an excellent story about flag waving and racism on the 7 o'clock news bulletin. (No link sorry. Unlike the stories about Jean Simmons, Troy Cassar-Daley etc, this doesn't appear to be available on the ABC website).

It was a good story incorporating sensible insights from an academic from the University of Western Sydney. He pointed out that around 84% of Australians thought racism was a problem in this country, 6% believed there was no racism, but that none of our politicians will admit there is a problem.

On a day when the Murdoch press handed out Australian flag "bucket hats", it was welcome analysis - but it didn't acknowledge the role of the tabloid media in encouraging this misuse of the Australian flag.

So if you're concerned about this, get in touch with your Federal representative. Ask them what they're going to do about racism and the corrosive effect the Murdoch media has on Australia.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

2010 is an election year

And as Andrea True sang back in the mid seventies, Rupert wants "more more more .... "

According to today's [16/1/10] Government Gazette, the Foreign Minister is going to invite the ABC and Sky News to put in bids to run the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade's $94.2 million diplomatic broadcast service.

In keeping with Rupert's usual way of doing these things, we are told about "speculation", what the Minister is "expected to" do and that the Government "desires" the ABC and Rupert to "pitch" for this money. No attribution, no relevent quotes, no facts. Murdoch "journalism" at its peak.

Why can't the ABC continue this service?

If you care about democracy and media diversity, contact your Federal representative and the candidates for your electorate. Ask them if they support this bogus bullshit (ie: giving Murdoch $94.2 million more of your taxes to spread his lies and deceit).

Do you really want the state of media diversity in this country to get worse than it is already?

Here's today's [16/1/10] example. The Gold Coast monomedia pondered the Queensland Premier's extension of her stay in the United States (Murdoch's shill sneered that it was to meet celebrities at the, also, bogus 'G'Day Australia' love in), while it's rival SEQ outlet let us know what she was really up to (i.e. performing tricks on a discredited, dishonest, sexist, warmonger's freak show):
Queensland tourism has cashed in on the Best Job in the World campaign after the winner Ben Southall appeared on the USA's number one cable morning news program.

Mr Southall, accompanied by Queensland Premier Anna Bligh, was interviewed on prime time show Fox & Friends.

He told the US audience he was stung by a jellyfish during his six month stint and has been employed to promote Queensland for a further 18 months.

"It was certainly a job, not a holiday," he told Fox & Friends.

"I am now doing more work for Queensland.

"I will be working for a further 18 months now, so basically travel around the planet and tell everybody about my experiences and adventures in Queensland."

Ms Bligh said it was hoped the publicity campaign had a long lasting effect.

"What we hope is he becomes a life long ambassador."
Her English teacher from Miami High is probably cringing, but her puppeteers are probably quite pleased with how she is performing.