Sunday, January 24, 2010

2010 is an election year - Part 2

Last night [24/1/10], the ABC ran an excellent story about flag waving and racism on the 7 o'clock news bulletin. (No link sorry. Unlike the stories about Jean Simmons, Troy Cassar-Daley etc, this doesn't appear to be available on the ABC website).

It was a good story incorporating sensible insights from an academic from the University of Western Sydney. He pointed out that around 84% of Australians thought racism was a problem in this country, 6% believed there was no racism, but that none of our politicians will admit there is a problem.

On a day when the Murdoch press handed out Australian flag "bucket hats", it was welcome analysis - but it didn't acknowledge the role of the tabloid media in encouraging this misuse of the Australian flag.

So if you're concerned about this, get in touch with your Federal representative. Ask them what they're going to do about racism and the corrosive effect the Murdoch media has on Australia.

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