Sunday, March 15, 2009

Enough Is Enough!

Welcome! This blog has been created to cater to the need for action against all that is bad about Murdoch's empire.

The straw that broke the camel's back was the guff run in Murdoch's Sunday rags with those alleged photos of Pauline Hanson. Shameless gutter journalism. Murdoch is well aware, perhaps even proud, of his reputation as the 'Dirty Digger' and has toiled hard for many years to drag journalism down to his preferred level.

That would be harmless enough if it wasn't for the fact that his empire is all pervasive and often, as in Queensland, is a virtual monopoly.

As a result democracy suffers, governance suffers, proper accountability and journalism go out the window.

It is beyond a joke. It has become very dangerous and they must be stopped (or at least curtailed).

It might even be too late but it is worth making the effort.

First Action: Stop giving them money! Don't buy it! Tell anyone who will listen to stop buying it!
Next Action: ???


  1. Congratulations!

    It's about time someone set up an up to date site to monitor the media empire that helped George Bush steal the 2000 elections and kept him in power for eight years.

    Please feel welcome to link to or make use of any of my articles at

    Best regards,
    James Sinnamon
    Independent Candidate for Mount Coot-tha
    Queensland State Elections, March 2009

  2. Thanks James.

    All the best for today!

  3. It IS a damn shame that so much of Australia has to rely on crappy newspapers. (And by that, I mean the states where Teh Australian is the only other choice than a locally produced Murdoch rag.) We're spoilt for choce in Vic.

    My wife and I were on holiday earlier this month in W.A. and fark! the Perth fishwrapper was pathetic. We snaffled a copy of the Broome paper when we were on the Exmouth Peninsula, and it was interesing simply for the frontier novelty of the place names and what they were advertising. (Drug-testing miners is a big business, apparently.) But I can't imagine having to rely on that for a view of the nation and gthe world. Ditto for when we were in Port Douglas up your way last year.

    OTOH, it always surprised me when I was a journo how LITTLE the average reader cared for the news content of the newspaper. Sports results, grocery ads, sob-sister columns -- that's what about half of the paying customers wanted. That's how Murdoch makes a profit -- from the waterheads.