Saturday, September 19, 2009

Want to know what News Ltd. said?

Just tune in to your ABC:

"Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says he is not going to apologise for an incident in which he swore.

News Limited papers have reported Mr Rudd used several expletives during a tense conversation with some of his backbenchers.

The MPs were unhappy with the Federal Government's decision to cut the printing allowance for politicians.

Mr Rudd says he does not regret his choice of words.

"It's fair to say that consistent with the traditions of the Australian Labor Party, we're given to robust conversations," he said.

"I made my view absolutely clear - that is that these entitlements needed to be cut back, and I make no apology for either the content of my conversation or the robustness with which I expressed my views."

Foreign Affairs Minister Stephen Smith played down the issue when speaking to Channel Nine.

"There's as much chance of the Prime Minister swearing as you or I have sworn from time to time in the past," he said...."

This is tediously predictable from Milne.

From House of Representatives Hansard [14/9/09]:


Ms NEAL (Robertson) (4.12 pm)—Mr Speaker, I wish to make a personal explanation. I am rising because I have been grievously misrepresented—

The DEPUTY SPEAKER (Mr PD Secker)—Does the honourable member claim to have been misrepresented?

Ms NEAL—Yes.

The DEPUTY SPEAKER—Please proceed.

Ms NEAL—In an article dated 13 September, Glenn Milne, of the Sunday Telegraph, wrote and printed an article about me. The contents of that article are entirely untrue and false."

When is somebody going to stand up to these creeps?


  1. Good stuff...Are you on Facebook...If you are, you should link to the facebook site "StopMurdoch ThisMustEnd" page. Someone has set this up to attract people who want to convince Murdoch its in his financial interest not to continue to wreak havoc on the world through spreading his venom in his quest for money.

  2. Thanks Alan! Not on facebook - not a fan, but glad to hear of others doing something active about Murdoch, rather than just whining.