Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dear Coast FM - Again!

Seems like every week we email the ABC's Coast FM to have a whinge about Murdoch properties appearing on their shows. Unfortunately, we have to do it again. They'll ignore us, but that's OK. The point is, it has to be said:

Dear ABC Coast FM,

Why did Briony Petch have to have to have the 'Courier-Mail's' Noel Mengel on her show this evening?

If I cared what Noel Mengel had to say (which I don't), I would read the 'Courier-Mail'.

Is there no other music writer in South East Queensland you could interview about up and coming musicians?

Doesn't Murdoch own enough of the means of discourse in this world already without getting his properties a run on the only place where we might hear other views?


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