Wednesday, September 9, 2009

This is beyond a joke. I want my ABC back

One of the reasons we moved to the Gold Coast was to get away from the Rupertcentricity of Brisbane's media landscape.

We know Australia is a Murdochcracy, and often contact ABC's Coast FM to let them know we aren't too pleased about Murdoch properties appearing on their shows, but FFS is there not one South East Queensland ABC voice who hasn't dallied with Bowen Hills?

Here's our latest email to ABC Coast FM:

Dear ABC Coast FM,

Yes it's me again with my regular comment for you ignore/laugh at in the tea room, or whatever you've been doing with my comments!

Why did Trevor Jackson have to have the 'Sunday Mail' entertainment writer Ritchie Yorke on his show this afternoon?

I understand Yorke says he was in John Lennon's "inner sanctum", and that may be why he was deemed to be a suitable interviewee because the Beatles' catalogue was re-released today. May I suggest that a marketing person from EMI would have done a more transparent job.

In any case, I do not believe that with all the resources and contacts the ABC has, there was no-one else Jackson could interview.

Surely Yorke will be able to publicise his forthcoming book about Lennon in the 'Sunday-Mail'?

Is it really the case that there is no other music writer/expert in South East Queensland Jackson could have interviewed?

As we've said before, doesn't Murdoch own enough of the means of discourse in this world already without getting his properties a run on the only place where we might hear other views?



ps It is old news (1996 - see wikipedia) that George Harrison revealed the song 'Something' was written when he was thinking about Ray Charles.

pps I certainly won't be buying any Murdoch influenced revisionism of John Lennon's life! Albert Goldman tried to do that, but Lennon will always be a cultural icon.

So this Murdoch paid agenda enabler, Ritchie Yorke, has no place on your ABC Coast FM. Unless perhaps viewed in light of this from the blurb on his own website:

"... Yorke linked up with the mass market weekend newspaper The Sunday Mail and began contributing to its entertainment pages on Queensland Day (June 6) 1987. Thousands of rock profiles and interviews later, he moved back to freelance writing after 20 years at the Mail. And left behind his descriptive phrase about local talent – Briz-bands.

He also became involved with ABC Radio both as a presenter and program producer. There was a syndicated documentary series, Classic Conversations with John Lennon, and an array of other docos on long term artists of significance such as Van Morrison, Pink Floyd, Little Feat, The Band, INXS, Daniel Lanois, Dire Straits, the Neville Brothers and many others.

He was also part of the opening broadcast of ABC’s Coast FM station in Mermaid Beach...."

Surely Trevor Jackson and the ABC Coast FM producers should have mentioned that incestuous link at some point before or during this fatuous promo piece?

Are you nuts? Disclosure? Nah, that's not the way in these days of your "Murdoch/ABC"! It's all about politely screwing your taxes into his pockets, you just love it. You must, otherwise you would try to do something about it.


  1. Megan, Describing writers who have made a great contribution to contemporary music like Ritchie Yorke as a "Murdoch property' is highly inflammatory. To assume all Murdoch employees agree with his business practices is naive. If you want to stop Murdoch, the best people to have onside are former insiders. Bad-mouthing them on line is childish.

  2. Blow it out your arse "wrinklefreedom"!