Friday, September 25, 2009

Radio Rupert: ABC as Murdoch Enablers

ABC Coast FM's listeners this afternoon [25/9/09] endured an interview with Steve Waterson about an article by Ray Connelly about the Beatles that is appearing in this weekend's 'Weekend Australian' magazine.

This was basically a 10 minute advertisement for the 'Weekend Australian'.

OMG & WTF? "The Australian"?? These horrid war mongers, ie anyone who works for Murdoch's spruikers, are beneath scum in our view.

Obviously they see themselves differently. We see them as they truly are: Murdoch enablers.

They (Murdoch enablers) get very angry and defensive when we call them for their Murdoch allegiance.

Anyway, shouldn't the ABC stick to the ABC for comment and opinion and leave Murdoch's properties to talk politely amongst themselves? But of course, Murdoch's shills have no credibility and need to leech off your ABC for that. That seems to be the reason they are always (ABC TV, ABC Local Radio etc...) turning up their stinky ideological biases on your airwaves. As a genius once said: "In Australia, the Government is a fully owned subsidiary of News Limited"!!! (Or words to that effect).

Which ABC presenter would win the prize for having the most Murdoch properties on their show this month?

It would be a close competition.

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