Thursday, September 10, 2009

I smell desperation

How does this amount of advertising pay for a 36 page broadsheet?

A stand full of free copies of 'The Australian' has appeared in the foyer of 239 George Street, Brisbane. I suspect these have bobbed up targetting office buildings all over the country.

Late last night, there were still plenty of copies left - so perhaps it's true that you can't even give away this rubbish!

Apart from their desperate television ads trying to get readers, they are also running on-line ads desperate to get advertisers.

Recent comments on 'Mumbrella', say it all:

# Smithee
8 Sep 09
11:56 pm

On a slightly related note….. Anyone notice the ad for The Australian now running on this site ? Anyone with any knowledge of the print industry wwould have to wonder about the text of the ad ? “When did you last advertise in The Australian?” That’s an odd and dangerous question to ask and does not logically lead to where the marketing team may hope.

Again, quite amusing is the line: “Share in the success of Australia’s fastest growing paper”.

Hee hee. Is this deliberate humour ? Surely that’s like saying: “Enjoy the thrilling rush of travelling on the world’s fastest-moving glacier.”
# AdGrunt
9 Sep 09
5:06 am

Surely the last time anyone advertised in The Australian was because the marketing mob had to announce a competition winner nationally?

No readers. No advertisers. No credibility - except with the majority of our politicians and the ABC.

Surely the free market is telling Murdoch that Australians have had enough of his crummy propaganda?

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