Monday, May 11, 2009

More on 'Invisible PR'

Continuing our discussion; why you should always consider who it is that you'll be working for:

Why on earth does a news organisation need PR?

From: 'Inside Spin: The dark underbelly of the PR industry' (Bob Burton):

"To sweeten what could be seen as a bitter pill for asbestos victims, the company planned on announcing the establishment of a new research centre as a part of the Medical Research and Compensation Foundation, which compensated claimants. 'This will enable the Foundation to step forward and talk about the good works it proposes to carry out in the future. We will aim to divert general media attention to the Foundation's aim of ensuring that genuine claimants are properly compensated', the strategy stated. A media release by Hardie's Executive Vice-President of Corporate Affairs, Greg Baxter, reassured the public that the compensation scheme would be a 'fully funded Foundation for both claimants and shareholders'. Hardie's strategy largely went according to plan. There were a couple of upbeat reports by business reporters, and a couple of more critical ones. But within days, the issue had largely sunk without trace."
If you're still attracted to this line of work, as Bill Hicks said, "Just kill yourself."

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