Thursday, May 28, 2009

Open Thread

OK, you've seen some of our ideas and actions for stopping (or denting) Murdoch's odious influence over our world and democracy. Now it's time for you. Have you done anything suggested here? Do you have any ideas for action?


  1. How about "Keep your head, when all about are losing theirs"?

    Sounds simpler than it is in practice.


  2. Good advice - thanks!

    They do appear to be eating each other though. So, as we all keep our heads there is perhaps hope that they will lose theirs and resolve the problem for us!


  3. I think we should make the Murdoch Press itself a focus of protest actions, particularly at election time.

    If we were to protest outside the Bowen Hills office, or even their larger offices on the south side at election, we could at least draw people's attention to the lies that they are being fed.

    Please keep up the good work.

  4. Good point.

    We would be keenly interested in the outcome of some kind of "community poll" where a web of people could each ask, say 10, people a simple question and we could widely publish the result. E.g., ten people ask ten people to ask ten people in their circle of acquaintance something like: "Do you think the Courier-Mail is shit? YES/NO" and then we would have their usual sample number and therefore constitute an interestingly valid poll. Rough guess is that it would be 75% "YES" and 25% "NO". That would fit neatly with Umberto Eco's model of ur fascism.