Sunday, December 27, 2009

Murdoch's continuing conquest of your ABC

Remember this?

Well funnily enough, we never heard about this until the other day:

ABC Commercial announced today a new commercial partnership with HarperCollinsPublishers Australia as its new publishing and distribution partner for ABC Books.

The announcement concludes a 12-month review of ABC Books and the search for a new publishing partner to take the business into the digital era. ABC Commercial began reviewing ABC Books in February last year, issuing 11 expressions of interest to potential partners in mid September. ...
In fact we were only alerted to it by an advertorial in the "Unwind dine & play" section of the 'Tweed Border Mail' [22/12/09]:

"ABC delicious quick smart cook by Valli Little (HarperCollins, $39.99, out now). The title says it all - quick smart cook is packed with clever ideas for those short on time, as well as smart dishes for stress-free entertaining. ..."

As per usual, apart from The Greens, nobody thought this deal worthy of any consideration.

Thanks to ABC commercial, you now have another way to boycott Murdoch.

Just don't buy any ABC books!

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