Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tony Abbott: "I am not frightened about an election on this issue"

Derrr! He has Murdoch's tick of approval to take the conservative side of politics in Australia way, way off into the crazy authoritarian backward 'right'.

Earlier this month we received a response from the ABC to our many queries about the tediously frequent appearance on our ABC of Murdoch staff (after a tortured game of cat and mouse). We must have had the same effect as a nit on a rhino, because last week we heard a Fairfax voice being interviewed about something.

Of course, that is totally missing the point. There is no reason for ANY properties of the commercial media to turn up on the ABC. We have all manner of ABC journalists and commentators who could comment on any of the topics covered by Trevor Jackson's Murdoch guests on 91.7 ABC Coast FM.

Today [1/12/09] it was Murdoch's Malcolm Farr who graced us with his fatuous ponderings on Tony Abbott. If we cared what Farr and the rest of the Murdoch cadre had to say about anything, which very few people actually do, we could read their rubbish in print or online. This is just more evidence that there has been a concerted effort by the ABC and Murdoch's minions to raise News Ltd's deservedly lacking credibility by getting them time on the ABC.

Well fuck that!

We've done our bit, we've showed you how to do your bit, we've provided the links for complaints about this crap to the ABC. If you can't be arsed to resist or complain this encroachment of Murdoch's toxicity into the public broadcaster then maybe we should start charging you to visit this site.

BTW. Why are they still debating the ETS legislation in the senate?

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