Tuesday, December 8, 2009

When the bully comes begging, tell the bully to fuck off

We've asked the Queensland Conservation Council/Walk Against Warming organisers why News Ltd. is a sponsor of this year's event:


I have previously supported the Walk Against Warming and would like to support this week's Walk Against Warming, however I question the fact that News Ltd. are one of the sponsors of the event.

I specifically recall the Brisbane 2007 walk and Andrew Bolt's post about it ridiculing the event and dishonestly suggesting that far fewer people attended than really did.

As you must be aware, News Ltd's Andrew Bolt is one of Australia's loudest, and most disingenuous, critics of the science of AGW. News Ltd.'s Piers Ackerman and Tim Blair (and many other local News Ltd. staff) also push the fossil fuel industry's line against taking any real action to limit industrial carbon dioxide emissions.

It is extremely hard to avoid the conclusion that the Walk Against Warming has been co-opted by News Ltd.'s PR division to improve their credibility, push other agendas and ensure that they have greater control and ownership of the climate issue.

What is your justification for allowing News Ltd. to play a part in this year's walk?

I will be posting this question and your answer on www.stopmurdoch.blogspot.com


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