Friday, November 27, 2009

Mr Murdoch (my boss) says: "We have to give the planet the benefit of the doubt"

Yes. It's me. Again. On Your ABC. This time I'm debating Laura Tingle with Leigh

"Look, Rupert is playing his cards close to his chest. Do you think I'm going to tell you anything of any real value? If so, you would have to be the most naive person I've ever met."

Leigh Sales should have asked Van Onselen what he made of the fact that Malcolm Turnbull had lunch with (his employers) News Limited executives today. That would have provided us with either the usual dishonest answer, or a refreshingly honest answer, to the question of who really runs this country.

It seems that the answer is "Rupert Murdoch".

When is Kevin Rudd next meeting with Rupert Murdoch, and how often does he take instructions from that person's operatives?

Wouldn't it be nice if we ran our own country?

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