Monday, November 9, 2009

Advertising your campaign in the Murdoch press sends no message to our leaders

We support Amnesty's current campaign, but do not understand why they are going to use the donations of supporters to place an advertisement in the 'Daily Telegraph':

... Risking everything, they flee in the hope of reaching safety. And then, often only kilometres from freedom, their chance for a new life dissolves into despair.

We saw this again last week, when a Sri Lankan boat sank drowning 11 men, including two young boys. As Australians, we pride ourselves on being reasonable, compassionate and fair. But the only way our Government will begin to see asylum seekers as a moral responsibility, not a political inconvenience - is if the public show they care about the human tragedy behind the headlines.

That’s why we’re ready to run a powerful ad in some of our most popular newspapers to shift the refugee debate back towards real Australian values. All we need is 750 people to chip in $30 to run our full-page ad in this week's West Australian and Daily Telegraph. Can you be one of these people and help put an end to the politics of fear? ...

The Murdoch press does not speak truth to power, it spreads propaganda, lies and spin.

As we've said before, activist groups could focus on any other medium (such as billboards, independent publications - even APN or Fairfax press - at least they are Australian owned and have a shred of credibility) and reach more people.

News Ltd. is a company that has done inestimable wilful damage to democracy, journalism, reconciliation and the environment in Australia and throughout the world.

The ever-intensifying nature of their beatups and moral panics illustrate the contempt they have for Australian citizens and matters of national decency.

The Murdoch press should be paying Amnesty for lending them credibility they do not deserve, and you should consider carefully where your donation may end up.

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