Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Massive Conflict Of Interest?

John Rolfe. A man who draws a wage from the 'Daily Telegraph' (as seen on Channel Seven's 'Today Tonight' - 10/11/09)

Murdoch makes millions from sweetheart deals with the two giants of Australia's grocery duopoly.

Wayne Swan operated "Wayne Swan's Pricewatch" site for ages, then abruptly shut it down just before the ALP won government in 2007.

The ALP promised to keep the duopoly "honest" with a tax-payer funded "price-watch" site which was to be run by "Choice". That enterpise was shut down before it even got going, allegedly due to lobby pressure on the government by the duopoly.

Now Murdoch's man is going to run the campaign to watch prices and the public are going to do all the hard work, for free?

Okay, sure. That should work a treat, shouldn't it? A cynic would say that this is one of the most mind-numbingly obvious examples of a steaming coil of crap you could imagine. But cynics are so, whats the word, cynical.

Trust Murdoch. Rudd and his team of robots do!

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