Friday, November 6, 2009

PM sets an example for the nation

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, wife Therese Rein and pets Abby and Jasper featured in the Spring 2009 edition of 'Tawl Tails' - the Animal Welfare League of Qld. magazine

We've mentioned previously that monomedia pollution can be put to good use, so it's good to see the PM setting an example:

Q: Since arriving at The Lodge, Jasper and Abby have attracted the media's attention several times - did you expect your pets would be under such scrutiny?

A: No - but Jasper and Abby often discuss it.

Q: What, to you, is the most outlandish or surprising reaction you have had so far - I understand at one stage there were questions as to whether lawn restoration would be required to cater for Abby's toilet needs?

A: Abby was understandably embarrassed when there was widespread speculation about who was going to clean up her poo, but we reminded her that today's papers would be lining Jasper's litter tray tomorrow.

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