Wednesday, November 4, 2009

ABC answers a question with a question

Here is the ABC's response to our recent question:

Thank you for your email. We would be happy to respond, however, we do require correspondents provide their full name.

Further, if you would like a substantive response, we require that you provide specific examples to support your concerns, including the date of broadcast or publishing.

And here's our response to their response:

... Yes, I would like a substantive response. I did provide, by reference to the "Crikey" comments, one specific example. There are numerous other specific examples at: but, to make it easier perhaps I could re-phrase the question and concern.

"Are there any guidelines, or other relevant considerations, governing the appearance of persons employed by commercial media organisations (specifically Rupert Murdoch's) as interviewees on ABC outlets?"

My particular concern is the high volume of Murdoch staff being given airtime on the ABC.

Thank you for responding and thanks in anticipation of your further response,

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