Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Murdoch's bovver boys sent to give Adler a touch up

"... It's not always true that time heals all wounds
There are wounds that you don't wanna heal
the memories of something really good

something truly real,
that you never found again

And though they talked for just a little time

Before she said she had to go

He saw the meeting as a tiny sign

That told him all he had to know ..."

'Louise', Human League [1984]

Today the Federal Government rejected the Productivity Commission's recommendations to change current laws to allow for cheaper overseas books into the Australian market.

The former head of the ACCC, Professor Alan Fels, and CEO of Melbourne University Press, Louise Adler, debated the issue at the National Press Club.

As we've noted previously, Murdoch's folks tend to only turn up at the National Press Club when a Murdoch barrow needs pushing. Today's 'debate' was preceded by the government's announcement against the side Murdoch was backing - the big players. So these two got the job of having a shot at Adler (they failed miserably).

Anyway, Professor Fels made a point of holding up a copy of Dan Brown's latest book ("The Holy Crap Batman", or something) and saying that the poor suffering clowns who read that stuff are forced to pay $49.95 but in the UK and USA only pay about $27AUS. So it was one of those double-take moments when a few hours later at the local Coles supermarket the same hardback book was abundantly available at $24.48!!

Of course, we had no trouble resisting the non-existent urge to buy such a bargain.

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