Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hypocrisy and Loathing

Comment from "Dewgong" at Crikey's "Pure Poison":
"Even Bolt {This text removed because Andrew Bolt has asked our publisher to limit personal criticism of him}"
Why is this so infuriating? Of course it is civil to limit criticism to the argument rather than the person. The problem is that Andrew Bolt (Kim 'Il' Carr, Al Gore is fat, Chairman Rudd etc..) is a glass-jawed hypocrite.

What makes it worse is that the moderator makes it clear that the demand came not directly from the craven coward/bully Bolt to them but by going over their heads to the top, presumably Eric Beecher no less.


Maybe "Crikey!" should consider their readers before worrying about Murdoch serfs' precious feelings.

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