Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Murdoch is bad for democracy: Fraser

We can't show you his face because your computer would explode

The 'Australian's' Christian "Rupert wants to know when small "l" liberals are going to fuck off" Kerr makes everyone groan and roll their eyes

Former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser launched his political memoir at the National Press Club yesterday [9/3/10].

He discussed many things including immigration, refugees, trade, the two party system and the decline of representative democracy in Australia.

Did you hear about it?

Probably not, and that's because we have such suffocating media diversity in this country.

Fraser said the way to protect democracy is to have a range of media publications with proprietors that have different views.

He also said the government can do something about media diversity.

2010 is an election year.

Ask your federal candidates what they will do to enhance media diversity in this country.

Stopping all tax-payer funding to Rupert Murdoch and getting him to pay some tax might be a start. Any other ideas?

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