Friday, March 19, 2010

What's missing in this picture?

Deputy Premier Paul Lucas featured in a 'Gold Coast Bulletin' story[20/3/10] about their new look

Evidently, Queensland's Deputy Premier attended last week's launch of the "new look, ultra slick" 'Gold Coast Bulletin'.

No one's saying there's anything wrong with politicians attending and speaking at business events and launches etc., but the Murdoch press is in a unique (verging on monopolistic) position in this country.

And because they are so obviously derelict in the performance of their democratic duty they deserve special sanction.

So what's missing in this picture?


Think about it.

In a proper, functioning democracy there is supposed to be a healthy tension between politicians and the media, and both of them are supposed to serve and inform you.

In Australia, we are sliding toward "junk politics" and "inverted totalitarianism", where both work together against the interests of the citizenry, but we still have the bare bones of a democracy.

2010 is a federal election year.

Ignore the corporate media and let your candidates know that you will not accept this any longer.

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