Sunday, March 28, 2010

Who's pulling the strings at your ABC?

Has the ABC made a decisive move to dumb down their content?

Why is it, every time I tune in I get slapped in the face by some Rupert Murdoch operative?

Like this morning [28/3/10].

Why does Kim Dennison need to interview a bought and paid for Murdoch property, and poison my ears with his know-nothing prattling about the movies Rupert wants you to see?

Sam Cleveland gets paid by Murdoch to sprout his rubbish. Ipso Facto, his opinion is worth exactly what Rupert pays for it. He lies down with dogs and you are not supposed to believe that he gets up with fleas.

Go right ahead, if you're just a stupid sucker for more of Rupert's punishment, but do not expect me to pay for that crap with my taxes. Rupert has a very well known hatred for publicly funded journalism and broadcasting. If you have two operating neurons you would be able to work out why that is.

FFS, Get Murdoch's people OFF MY ABC!


Action: e-mail someone at your ABC and tell them what you think.

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