Friday, September 10, 2010

Do something before the momentum fades

The hung parliament presents ordinary Australians with a unique opportunity to call for changes that will make this country a more equitable, inclusive and nicer place to live.

As the political lobby group 'GetUp!' have said in an email to supporters [10/9/10]:

... In this new political climate, GetUp members have an unprecedented opportunity to clean up politics, shape the way this new Parliament works and determine the direction of our country. ...
'GetUp!' are also asking members and supporters to undertake a survey to assist them in mapping their next steps to keep the momentum going.

So if like us, you feel our democracy is threatened by the Murdoch machine, we encourage you to complete their survey and/or write to your elected representative and let them know that the most urgent step is to reign in the divisive influence of the Murdoch Press:
The move to a progressive Australia can only be achieved if the problem of media ownership, which has reached saturation point as evidenced by News Ltd.'s hysterical attacks on the democratic outcome of the federal election, is urgently corrected.

To begin with, we suggest:

1. Dismantling the virtual monopoly of the Murdoch Press;

2. Purging the ABC of all News Ltd. influence and think tank influence;

3. Immediately ceasing all Government advertising in the Murdoch Press (GetUp! should do this too)


  1. It always puzzled me why Rudd didnt remove the conservative biased board installed by Howard during his reign. They have noticably taken the ABC from a centrist news outlet to a right leaning one. One of the first thing Julia Gillard needs to do is remove them immediately.

    They already have their "counterpoint" & madonna kings getting the right leaning point of view out there. They have Murdochs tentacles into the ABC shops now. They have ABC 24 with a right slant. What more do they want? All of news ltd is right leaning, with the Australian being ultra conservative. They have Fairfax owning virtually every single talk back commercial station in the country which are all right leaning, what more?

    Murdoch has crossed the boundaries now into such desperation, that all of his papers are virtually all anti Labor & Green in every political story.


    Campaign movement in UK gaining momentum to curb power of News International.