Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Murdoch press reckon they, not Fred Nile, are God's police

What's the real story behind this?

That's what your ABC should be finding out for you.

...The Daily Telegraph reports a parliamentary internet audit shows that Reverend Nile's computer has been used to access internet pornography. ...
Australians are sick of this rubbish instead of real journalism. Tony Windsor MP summed it up nicely a week or so ago:

... “I wouldn’t give that paper the time of day,” he said, referring to the Daily Telegraph.

“It just shows the role of some within the media in terms of the election process that we’ve just gone through.

“I won’t be taking the Telegraph as one of my political advisers.

“I don’t give the article or the paper any credibility at all.” ...
It's time we ran these crooks and liars out of town.

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