Monday, September 6, 2010

It woz News wot lost it

Matthew "Rupert says you've got it wrong" Franklin

The independents have come out swinging against Murdoch's crude bullying attempts to tell them what to do.

In essence, what swayed Oakeshott and Windsor to back Labor rather than the Coalition was the relentless hammering by Murdoch's hacks of the talking point that Australians really wanted an Abbott government.

Sucked in you losers.


  1. Woo hoo! What a victory against the Murdoch press who have tried to manipulate people into supporting the Conservatives, all to save their profits. Their disgusting attempts at steering public opinion were defeated. Something right in the world for once. Hopefully ABC news 24 becomes even more popular & sky news loses viewers. The NBN will eventually erode foxtell membership through more IPTV.

  2. Have a read of Laura Tingle's most excellent article in the Fin last Friday ('Media dilemma that can't be ignored'). At last, someone who has articulated the depth and duplicity of News Ltd's coverage of the election. Thoughtful, incisive and balanced. Perhaps someone could post it here so more could read it!