Monday, October 12, 2009

"Dr Zen" & Julie Novak: Yeah, Whatever

Today [12/10/09], Murdoch's 'Australian' decided that the story of one of his sub-editors at his monopoly Brisbane 'Courier-Mail' getting sacked for being critical on a blog of one of his spruikers is newsworthy. 'Brisbane Times' (a Fairfax outlet) ran with the story this afternoon.

Why has it taken until now for this Brisbane story to be reported in Brisbane?

The 'Sydney Morning Herald' got the "scoop", reporting the story on 29th September (shouldn't that be embarrassing for News Ltd?). Silencing dissent is stock-in-trade for News Ltd., so who is surprised and who cares?

...''Tuesday is my least favourite day here. It goes very slowly. It's also the day I sub a lot of the columns, and they suck.'' But it was his attack on columnist Julie Novak, a research fellow from Melbourne's Institute of Public Affairs, as a ''rightard'' who ''shows no sign of thinking in her incoherent screeching'' that sealed his fate....Dr Zen is now looking for a new job. ''I was just astonished that [Novak] had run to my bosses instead of just emailing me and asking me to take it down.''
You were "astonished" by that? How long did you work for these people? How could you NOT know the way they operate and the way they handle criticism?

It's all very funny and amusing, isn't it? Why can't anyone tell us who this person, "Dr Zen", is?

What a mockery of journalism!

Bet you $100, "Dr Zen" bobs up again in some well paid role in Brisbane.

These people are truly "unflushable" aren't they?

Action: Have a good laugh


  1. Well, I surely hope I bob up in a well-paid role but I'll take your hundred bucks if you like that I don't -- let me know what time frame we are looking at for the bet. No one will tell you who I am, btw, because journalists respect my right to privacy, and if I ask them not to give my name, they won't.

    I was quite aware that News Limited would sack me for it if they found out but I was surprised Novak was so petty. I mean, we have comment boxes, right? She could have called me out in any terms she liked.

    And I don't think there's anything sinister about its not being reported here. It's a pretty small story, which the Australian saw as part of a bigger angle. However, no Brisbane hack is going to touch a story about News unless they have cover from its being news elsewhere because they all hope to get a job at the CM some time. What else can a journo hope for here?

  2. Hmmm Doc, time frame could be a problem. Say, 10 years?
    We've made out the cheque to "Dr Zen", you can make yours out to "StopMurdoch" and we'll settle in October 2019.

    We will have to agree to disagree about whether it was a story.

    Very interesting comment about the hacks' fear of Murdoch, petty vindictive lot aren't they? That's part of the reason for stopping that kind of power accumulating to one man.