Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Murdoch's Law - Part IV

Here we go again!:

The Prime Minister speaking during Questiontime [28/10/09]:

... We have a policy which we have defended in the course of this debate because it is the right approach. It is the responsible approach. It is hardline on people smugglers. It seeks to be compassionate in relation to the circumstances of asylum seekers. That is the right approach under these difficult circumstances. Our approach, however, is consistent. Those, they cut and they trim each day depending on the politics of this debate because they are driven not by the policy of this but by the politics of the document which was circulated to the Australian newspaper yesterday, which

In prosecuting debates of this type you do not get news stories by trying to change perceptions; you get them by reinforcing stereotypes.

Quote unquote from the Liberal Party; quote unquote, from Senator Ronaldson’s chief of staff after, apparently, a meeting between himself and the office of the Leader of the Opposition.

By the way, although Hansard has been changed, earlier he referred to "Indonesia, Malaysia and other mainstream countries".

What is a "mainstream country?"

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