Saturday, October 3, 2009

Thanks Costa!

While they're giving them away.

There are many uses for monomedia pollution.

And here's another:

"... The Ghantous family in water starved Melbourne, have already implemented systems to save water inside the house. Costa paid them another visit to help them reduce water consumption outside. The front garden was a mass of compacted soil that created runoff and an environment that made it impossible for anything to grow. By creating a native garden that requires little maintenance, Costa provided the family with not only more pleasant surroundings, but also further ways to help save our precious resource of water.


Costa cleared the weeds and then the small amount of grass that was on the lawn - the lawn was levelled and the covered with a layer of wet newspaper to act as a sealer to prevent any further weed growth. (Make sure that the newspaper is about 8 pages thick and overlaps about 10cm). The area was then covered in a layer of mulch...."
Wet "News" papers will possibly poison your garden literally, or from a 'Feng Shui' point of view, but at least it is a way to put them to use in some positive way!

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