Sunday, October 11, 2009

News Flash, Rupert: There isn't a "movement toward paid-for content" in the real world.

Poor old Rupert still doesn't understand that his very deliberate and active "war on proper journalism" has driven away readers. In his weird world, the reason he is going broke is because players like Google link to his crap newspapers. What an odd man:

News Corporation Chairman Rupert Murdoch has launched a stinging attack on Google and other online entities for stealing content.

At a conference of World Media Executives at Beijing's Great Hall of the People, Rupert Murdoch has taken aim at search engines like Google as internet parasites.

According to the News Corporation Chairman, the so-called "aggregators" on the internet steal content from traditional media organisations and, he says, the time has come for them to pay for it.

"If we do not take advantage of the current movement toward paid-for content, it will be the content creators - the people in this hall - who will pay the ultimate price and the content kleptomaniacs will triumph," he said.

Human rights groups have criticised China for hosting the media summit given the level of press censorship here.
People, spare a thought for "the content creators", please!

And another thing, back off you anonymous "human rights groups" who asked not to be named, presumably, China is the perfect host for this media summit BECAUSE of the level of press censorship there. Rupert and friends are right at home.

Write to your local News Ltd. paper in furious agreement and DEMAND (or you could use words like "outrage", "horror", or "fury" because these seem to appeal to them) that they take their "content" behind a pay wall immediately, for the sake of humanity.

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