Sunday, July 4, 2010

Dear Mr Adams, It's a Matter of Principles...

Broadcaster, writer and film-maker, Phillip Adams, was one of a cast of characters who appeared in Murdoch's advertisement's for 'The Australian' which were screened on SBS Television last September

Mr Adams writes in his weekly column in 'The Australian' [3/7/10], that he has resigned from the ALP (emphasis added):

... Rudd and I talked regularly. The last time we spoke he was urging me to resign from The Australian to protest its editorial line, advice I declined to accept. And we argued about his climate change strategy. I by no means agreed with other policies and tactics. But nothing would have persuaded me to support a move against the leader who'd defeated Howard, made that superb "sorry" speech and handled the GFC with such skill. The right to dismiss a PM belongs to the electorate at an election, not to a drunken governor-general or factional bullies drunk with power. Rudd goes, so I go too. Seems the lethal Latham was right.
So, as a matter of principle, you resign from the ALP after 50 years because: "thugs now dismiss leaders at their whim. In cowardly conspiracies."

But you happily continue to work for the Murdoch machine despite the "thugs" and "cowardly conspiracies" at every level of his machine doing everything to appoint, dismiss and control the leaders of your country (and the rest of the world for that matter). Despite the inestimable damage they are constantly doing to this country's democratic process and media.

Why is that? What's the difference?


[Thanks to public libraries for free access to the unprincipled rag used as the source for this piece.]

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