Thursday, July 1, 2010

First Murdoch Ignores You, Then Murdoch Ridicules You, Then Murdoch Buys You - Then You Lose

Another one bites the dust!

Now that Rupert Murdoch owns him outright this should provide an interesting tinge to his the outcome of his The changing relationship between federal politicians and the media in the internet age project.

How did working for Murdoch work out for people like Tim Dunlop? For FFFFS, why do you town bikes think Murdoch is going to finally 'Luuurve' you when he has tossed over so, so, so, many of your kind before you? Do you really think that you are the 'one', somehow different? That maybe he'll leave those nasty tarts like Glenn and Andrew and Dennis and Piers and move in with you and start an honest life putting his powers to good instead of evil?

"This time it's different, babe. I've never felt this way about any writer ever before. Babe, I promise I'll never interfere in your work. I want you for your mind...I want you for your freedom to say exactly what you feel without any fear or favour."

"Hmmmm, brains! Yummy!"

Fucking idiots.

Do some homework before you sell your credibility to Rupert. Read one of the many books written by your predecessors who also thought they were 'the one' for Rupert.

Remember, he's about 100 years old and despite the myths, he can't live forever. One day he'll be dead and you will be alive. And a lot of very, very, very pissed off people are going to be wandering around with pitchforks looking for the people who allowed people like him to do this to our world.


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