Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Why is the Federal Government's Asia-Pacific television service going to tender?

'Crikey!' report [27/7/10]:

... As The Australian itself pointed out yesterday in a separate article: "The battle of Australia Network comes at a particularly tense time for the ABC and Sky, which is owned by Seven, Nine and and BSkyB (part-owned by News Corporation, publisher of the Australian). The two broadcasters are now direct competitors following the launch of the ABC's 24-hour news channel."

The Weekend Australian's editorial went on to sledge the ABC and its managing director Mark Scott over everything from Q&A host Tony Jones' interviewing style to the various agendas of morning radio hosts ...

(Isn't it interesting that although they have commercial arrangements with each other, the Murdoch media continually attack the ABC, while the ABC never criticise the Murdoch media?)

Surely if taxpayer dollars are involved, this network should be run by the national broadcaster?

Do you really want an American corporation running the Australia Network? Because that's what will happen.

Demand that your local candidate will keep this service in the public's hands.

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