Saturday, July 31, 2010


... My Saturday morning paper tells me I should run away ...

'Run Away', Drawn From Bees [2010]

The Saturday edition [31/7/10] of the 'Gold Coast Bulletin' asks:
Why are there so many Indian cabbies on the Gold Coast?
When the real question is:
How can Murdoch's rags continue to get away with this shit?
How? Easy, it's because everyone lets him get away with it. You are responsible every time you buy a product from him.

You are reading this because you have a brain.

It is YOUR fault that this is happening to our country and to democracy all over the Murdoch-controlled world. You are to blame if you are not criticising the garbage his shills spout. You are responsible if you let people tell you something is a fact "because I read it in the paper".

Murdoch only gets away with this crap because YOU allow it.

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