Monday, August 9, 2010

Rupert Murdoch summons Gillard and Abbott to Rooty Hill

If you live in Western Sydney and think this debate is about you. You're wrong.

You didn't know that the whole fabricated "debate" at Rooty Hill RSL on Wednesday was a Murdoch construct? Why didn't you know that?

Surely it wouldn't be because the ABC has failed to tell you that it is a charade invented by the discredited crooks at News Ltd. The ABC must have been too busy to point out that it is nothing more than a crude and ugly exercise in Murdochracy, that must be it.

The 'Daily Telegraph' is not a newspaper. It looks like one, but it is simply an instrument of Murdoch neo-con propaganda.

Ask your local candidates when they will prohibit old Americans from owning 70% of Australia's news media and controlling close to 100% of the news agenda.


  1. How rigged was that Rooty Hill event? Undecided voters my arse. So undecided that 90% of them stand & cheer when Tony Abbott walks into the room & golf claps when Julia does? Was the audience picked straight from the Liberal campaign launch? What a sham." Undecided " voters garnered from readers of news limited whose polls show that 90% of the time favour Abbott & somehow they can find a field of "undecided" voters. Even "undecided" Joel Scalzi, a young Liberal got to ask a question, what the f#!k?

  2. More attempts at manipulating public opinion in the courier mail on the weekend.

    With headlines like "Baseball bats for Labor" & "Abbott deserves a go"

    I wonder who the courier mail & news limited is batting for? Its hard to tell......sheeesh.

    There was never any stories like that when Howard was ousted. They also ran similar campaigns against Anna Bligh in the lead up to the QLD state election.

    The only stories news ltd has for the Greens are negative & they dont even dare to draw attention to Family First, or risk voters truly finding out what nut jobs they are & risk few votes & in turn preferences to flow to the Coalition.

    No one has bothered to cover the many parties hoping for a senate seat either this year. The majority of the preference are for the Coalition, like One Nation, The Shooters party, the Christian party, The Climate deniers party etc etc. What are these nutters policies & what would happen if they got a seat in the senate? We have already seen Steve Fieldings "earth began 10,000 years ago like the bible says".

    The Coalition may always whinge about Green preferences, but when asked do they want to end our preferential voting system they say no.