Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Only an absolute bastard would kick a man when he's down

Remember this?:

Footage of the 'Sunday Times'' entrapment of the National Director of Fisheries for the Republic of Guinea, broadcast on the ABC's 'Lateline'

And this?:

SBS World News Australia's 6.30 PM news bulletin [24/5/10]

Well bear these disgraces in mind before you give any credence to anything arising from a 'report' or 'sting' originated in a Murdoch rag.

They are, literally, proven crooks and liars. Not to mention, bastards.

Shame your ABC again sees fit to report this discredited rubbish as news.

Why do the ethics of these "stings" go unquestioned?

And aren't millions of people in Pakistan still displaced at the moment?

Absolute bastards.

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