Thursday, August 19, 2010

To work for Murdoch do you have to prove you have the ability to make shit up?

The small number of corflutes on display around the Gold Coast are mostly LNP

Over the past month, from Paradise Point to the Tweed we have seen corflutes at only six locations. One was for the Fishing Shooting Party and the rest were LNP.

Yet the Gold Coast's only daily newspaper report [20/8/10]:

Signs displaying the smiling faces of campaigning pollies have cropped up all over town, and they are annoying Gold Coast traders. ...
See? It's false. Not true. "Lies", if you like.

It's typical Murdoch fabricated bullshit in the place of news.

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  1. Murdoch is going all out to try & get the Liberals back in. They certainly dont want a threat to their pay tv with more free to air & they want ABC news 24 off the air asap. Goodbye to most of the ABC's budget if the Liberals win & get ready to hear from the Liberals if they win "ABC news 24 costs too much & we need to can it".