Thursday, August 26, 2010

Murdoch continues takeover of your ABC

If Australians wanted to know what Rupert Murdoch thinks, they can buy any of his publications.

They can also look at his websites, like 'The Punch'.

Many Australians deliberately avoid doing that because of his blatantly biased, ill-informed, inflammatory and divisive propaganda.

For those Australians there are very few alternative places for news and commentary. The ABC is supposed to be one of those places. It's disgraceful enough that we have shows like 'The Insiders' and Murdoch columnists as announcers on local ABC radio, as well as commercial arrangements.

For a man who has very publicly and frequently expressed his hatred for public broadcasting, he seems extremely keen for his hacks and shills to get spots on the ABC.

Today [27/8/10] we have Glenn Milne given a plum spot on the ABC's online discussion forum 'The Drum'.

Murdoch's takeover of the ABC is almost complete.

If you're not OK with this let the ABC know.


In his desperation to present himself as some kind of human, the man himself has somehow inveigled his way back onto your ABC yet again! This time he is introducing 'Australian Story' on Monday night [30/8/10]. Creepy old fascist.


  1. What a load of crap. There is no great conspiracy here. The Murdoch press is quite balanced. These things always come about when the ALP cheer squad search for an answer to the dismal showing at an election.

  2. Are you a Poe?

    If not, did you read the post? Murdoch's deliberate infiltration and positioning of his hacks on the ABC has nothing to do with the recent election.

    Hang on, "The Murdoch press is quite balanced", OK, sorry, you're obviously a Poe.

  3. Hillbilly SkeletonAugust 28, 2010 at 8:18 PM

    It also looked to me,after seeing the promo for the Australian Story episode, that Uncle Rupert has had a makeover involving fillers plumping out his previously well-wrinkled face.