Thursday, June 24, 2010

You pay taxes so Rupert Murdoch can tell you what to cook for dinner

As well as the ABC's 'delicious.' magazine, News Magazines publish Woolworth's 'Fresh' magazine

Here's how it works.

Your ABC has a commercial partnership with Harper Collins Publishers Australia to publish and distribute ABC Books.

Substantial airtime and internet space courtesy the national broadcaster is devoted to promoting these publications, such as this week's endorsement of Valli Little's 'Quick Smart Cook' book - along with 'delicious.' magazine - on Coast FM.

Airtime that could be spent informing and inspiring listeners on the Gold and Sunshine Coasts about local markets, community gardens, restaurants, providores and emerging food trends.

Such as the rise of Southport's vibrant "Little Korea" restaurant (and hairdressing) precinct.

Boycott these books and magazines.

Contact ABC and let them know what you think.

Demand the details of these deals (i.e. who's profiting) be disclosed.

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