Saturday, June 19, 2010

Rupert Murdoch HATES bats

It is no co-incidence this fear mongering about bats appeared on the front page of last weekend's 'Gold Coast Bulletin', as well as appearing on their on line version [19/6/10]

In Rupert Murdoch's world, the environment and human beings exist independently of, and in conflict with, each other:

Queensland biosecurity officials have locked down an area near the Gold Coast Turf Club fearing a potential outbreak of the fatal Hendra virus which could cripple the multimillion-dollar industry.

Government officials have banned trainers indefinitely from walking their horses in the popular forest area near the racing precinct because of a fruit bat colony which could carry and pass on the illness through bodily fluids.

The danger could last several weeks with the council and environment protection agencies forced to preserve the protected species rather than cull or remove the breeding ground for the virus.

It is believed up to 1500 fruit bats may live in trees next to the state-of-the-art Traintech education facility opposite the racecourse. ...
Murdoch's little foot soldiers pick and choose what to tell the citizenry according to their master's dictates, not what is in the community interest.

They would have known about this Bat Care Brisbane event:

'Bat Watch with Gilbert' Flying Fox Information and Display

Saturday 19 June from 4.30pm to 7.30pm - Cascade Gardens, Broadbeach Gold Coast Hwy, Broadbeach

Have you always wanted to know more about the creepy creatures that fill our skies at night. Come along and separate the facts from the fiction about these amazing native mammals! You get to take home a free flying-fox food plant, witness an evening fly-out then enjoy a free BBQ. RSVPs essential to Louise, Bat Conservation and Rescue. Funded by the Australian Government’s Caring for Our Country program so it’s free to enjoy.
This event was mentioned on the ABC's Coast FM last week in conjunction with a story about flying foxes starving throughout South East Queensland:

... Bat Conservation and Rescue Queensland president, Louise Saunders, says more than 850 people have reported injured animals so far this year, compared to a total of 1,000 reports in 2009.

She says fewer native flowers are opening in the cold weather and the animals are travelling further and taking bigger risks to feed. ...

The Hard-Core Zionists have a famous saying: "I can forgive you for killing my child, but I can never forgive you for forcing me to kill your children", and it is this mindset that dominates Murdoch's hatred of the natural environment.

Cause, Effect, and Vicious Merciless Retribution. Never mind that our unsustainable development is the cause of the problem, the solution is violent retribution against the effect - in this case the bats trying to find somewhere to live and something to eat.

Interestingly, these Murdoch pieces always successfully dog whistle up the same type of predicitable comments, along the lines of this one:

"it's ridiculous they are looking to save the bats, surely people are more important!!"
Cascade Gardens, Broadbeach

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