Monday, June 28, 2010

Barbarians not just at the gate - they're bloody everywhere!

There are two political sides running Australia as one. They both need to suck up to Murdoch's press for favour. Here is some more proof of this:

... CHRISTINE WALLACE [journalist and Julia Gillard biographer]: Well, you see,
Janet is the problem for Barnaby [Joyce], because Janet Albrechtsen, Alan Jones,
Andrew Bolt, the absolutely rolled gold, right wing political commentators of
Australia, all love Julia and this is why you guys are...

So there you go Australia.

Rupert has decided.

It remains a puzzle in Australia that while almost everyone can agree that the Murdoch press is rubbish, they apparently hold so much power over our elected politicians.

Action: Vote for the first person or party to tell Rupert and his operatives to go get fucked!

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