Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It's Official. Government gives ABC to Murdoch

'Daily Telegraph' scribe Chris Masters on assignment in Afghanistan for 'Four Corners', being interviewed on 'Lateline' [8/6/10]

Chris Masters made his name as a quality investigative journalist on the taxpayer's payroll during his time with your ABC. He eventually sold out to Murdoch's slimey dollar machine and propaganda factory with the usual lip-service about 'fierce independence' and all the other rot previously proven to be worth less than a pinch of shit.

Now that he has infiltrated the darkest corners of the Murdoch machine, such as the "Daily Terror", we are supposed to believe that he has reverted into some kind of "embedded" but "independent", "journalist" on "assignment" to Four Corners. Can you "un-metamorphosise"?

Balls-to-The-Wall jingoistic bullshit language aside, this was not journalism, it was not investigative and it had no place on the ABC without disclosing Chris Masters' current status with Murdoch's fatally tainted News Corporation.

So it seems final: Your government has obviously given Your ABC to Murdoch - for free!

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