Thursday, June 24, 2010

Murdoch press fabricate another controversy

The Currumbin Beach pathway has clearly been a public thoroughfare for years. Currently, the Gold Coast City Council are undertaking dune revegetation adjacent to the path.

First it was the psycho pee wee, now the 'Gold Coast Bulletin' reckon [24/6/10]:

Pet dogs have been killed, syringes and beer bottles hurled over fences and houses robbed after a controversial pathway was extended along Currumbin beach.

Residents say they no longer feel safe in their unit homes after the beach walk, which is not part of the Coast's Oceanway project, was built within metres of their homes about 12 months ago.

Some beachfront properties do not have front fences and the city council has refused to pay half the cost to install barriers to keep the public out of private yards. ...
How can you tell when a Murdoch scribe is telling lies? Their fingers are typing!

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