Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Is Simon Overland Australia's cleanest cop?

We could all take a leaf out of the Victorian Police Chief's book:

... He accuses The Australian Newspaper of running a concerted and "disgraceful" campaign against him.

"The reason I criticised them is I thought their actions put the lives of my members at risk. And I still believe that," he said.

"I criticised them and I moved on. But they have been waging this relentless campaign ... that is directly aimed, at, I think, whacking me because I dared to have a go at them."

At a media doorstop later, Mr Overland ignored questions from a journalist from The Australian, repeatedly asking for the next question.
If you had to choose who to believe, would it be Simon Overland or Murdoch's hacks?

The Murdoch Press are not about journalism, they are about power and neo-liberal ideology.

For the sake of our democracy, contact your candidates in the upcoming federal election and ask them what they will do to restore some balance to media ownership and control in Australia.

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