Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Why would any school participate in a 'Courier-Mail' spelling bee?

Murdoch has clearly articulated his opinion of the teaching profession:

... Speaking at a session titled 'Advice to the US President on Competitiveness', Mr Murdoch blamed the teachers' union in America, which he said was very rich and the number one donor to the Democratic party.

He told the audience of international business leaders and politicians that it would take courage and strength for President Barack Obama to fight them....

His ideological opposition to public education, equity, critical thinking for anyone other than the wealthy, as well as the teaching profession, is manifest in the derogatory reporting of education issues in his publications.

That's why schools should boycott this:

The 'Courier-Mail's' Spelling Bee is an opportunity for your school to be part of a high-profile state-wide contest and to display your students' talents and mastery of spelling. Organised with the sponsorship of Education Queensland, Capilano and Collins, this competition is a major first for our state - designed to make spelling interactive and fun and to give you an additional resource to help engage your student in a new and exciting way.

Are Education Queensland serious about fostering a love of the written word in Queensland students?

Using taxpayer dollars to sponsor a cynical News Ltd. exercise will not achieve this.

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