Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Why does Murdoch HATE Elanora State High School?

Wouldn't it be good if the 'Gold Coast Bulletin' had a competitor?

Then we might have a chance of knowing why they have it in for Elanora State High School:

Palm Beach police have today brought in the horses as part of a crackdown on truancy in the area.

Mounted officers on loan from Brisbane spent much of the day patrolling Schusters Park at Tallebudgera [which is adjacent to Elanora State High School] on the hunt for 'waggers', but did not find any.

Senior Sergeant Chris Ahearn said police mounted the operation every few months in response to reports from residents regarding truancy and petty crime in the large park.

"The reason for calling on the mounted police is that they are able to access areas not commonly accessible by police vehicles,'' he said.

''There is a vast expanse of parkland in the area of Schusters Park, so we have decided to use a few different approaches."

Another newspaper on the Gold Coast could be a future possibility.

2010 is an election year.

Contact your candidates and ask them what they will do about Australia's pitiful media diversity if they are elected.

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